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Your oral health is very important and keeping it at its best requires you staying current with regular cleanings. Making sure you brush and floss is helpful when it comes to removing plaque, however it is not a replacement for removing plaque and tartar that builds up over time on the teeth.

Tartar and plaque can build up underneath the gums and can result in gum disease which can also loosen the teeth and cause them to fall out or need to be extracted. A professional cleaning will remove the build-up of plaque and tarter from around your teeth and gums.

Why You Should Not Leave Plaque and Tartar Unchecked

When tarter builds up around the gums, it can cause them to be swollen and inflamed. It may even cause your gums to bleed.  Dental cleanings can help prevent gum disease.

Another drawback is that tartar can leave behind a yellowish and unsightly appearance to your teeth. The discoloring can become more prominent if you drink tea, coffee or other colored drinks.

Some patients may even experience loss of self-esteem because of their stained teeth. A professional cleaning can help you get your confidence back by removing the tartar and plaque build-up.

What’s Involved In Getting A Cleaning From Rockwell Dentistry

A dental cleaning is a very simple process and is pain free. We will first evaluate your oral health by taking a complete history and performing an exam. We will assess your teeth and bones with digital imaging.

We will apply topical soft tissue anesthesia followed by simple local anesthetics for painless deep cleaning of areas below the gums. Ultrasonic state of the art scaling tips will be used to dislodge the build-up of tartar and plaque deposits.

So, How Long Does It Take To Get A Dental Cleaning

Most cleanings are completed in a single visit. However, if there is advanced gum disease, it may require multiple visits and the administration of certain medicines during that time period.

Antibacterial mouth rinses may be recommended in addition to education regarding proper tooth brushing techniques. If you have stained and discolored teeth or you are experiencing bleeding and sore gums, call us today to schedule your cleaning.

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Haven't Had A Professional Cleaning in a While?

Call us today if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while and let’s get you scheduled for a cleaning today.  Healthy teeth means a healthy body and life.

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