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Don't Let Missing Teeth Keep You From The Things You Love. Dental Implants Can Restore Your Smile, Your Confidence and Your Life.

Tooth Replacement That Exceeds The Standards Of Excellence.

Rockwell Dentistry offers dental implants that exceed the standards of excellence to transform your smile. By replacing your tooth’s root with a dental implant and placing a crown on top, a replacement tooth is created that looks, feels, and behaves like your natural teeth. 

Dental implants result in long-lasting, healthy smiles. They are a perfect alternative to dentures, bridges, and partials with a proven success rate!

A dental implant is very durable and as an artificial tooth root, a dental implant produces long-lasting, beautiful smiles. You and your family can trust our experience, qualifications, and skills when it comes to this complex dental restorative procedure and we know the results will be awesome. 

Oral health is paramount to Drs. Alex and Dawn Rockwell and their staff.  Their expertise and skills enable each patient to reach their dental health goals. They will perform a thorough examination and evaluate your individual case to plan the dental implant procedure that is best for you. Our practices in Middletown and Hamilton Township, New Jersey use dental implants made from biocompatible titanium that screws into your bone to replace your tooth’s root.  The bone fuses to the titanium and secures the implant.

The Dental Implant Process

The first step involves us surgically placing the implant into your jaw bone where you were missing teeth. Next, the bone bonds with the titanium in a process called osseointegration. The result of this process is a durable foundation for a new tooth. 

This happens when the jaw bone grows tightly around the post.  We will then take digital impressions using an intraoral scanner. These scans will enable us to customize the abutment and create an individualized crown that will top the implant. This process eliminates the need for messy, goop-based impressions. To ensure maximum functionality for daily living,  an implant-secure denture, partial, or bridge will be placed. We offer safe and effective sedation dentistry to ease your dental anxieties or fear.

Types Of Dental Implants

  • Single Tooth
  • Single dental implants can replace a single missing tooth or several single missing teeth.
  • Multiple Teeth
  • Multiple dental implants are used to replace two or more missing teeth in a row.
  • Full Arches

Implant-supported dentures require anywhere from four to eight dental implants to support a denture for arches of missing teeth.

If you have missing teeth, dental implants are the absolute best way to replace them.  Whether you need one or more implants, we have the team and technology to replace your missing teeth and give you a strong and natural-looking smile.

Do You Have One Or More Missing Teeth?

Dental implants can solve your missing teeth problems and restore your smile and functionality.

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