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Dental emergencies can arise at anytime. The fact is that they arise many times at the wrong time.
You go out to eat and a crown comes off.
Your at a baseball game eating snacks when you suddenly break a tooth.
The more extreme cases of dental emergencies involve experiencing some type of trauma.
This could be getting a tooth knocked out at a sporting event or having your entire jaw broken in a car accident. Whatever the reason, we can help.
Don’t Panic … It Will Be All Right
The main thing you need to do is not panic if such an emergency arises. Keep calm and don’t rush things.
If you are bleeding badly, then go to the nearest emergency room to get checked out and make sure there is nothing more severe going on.
If you have had one of your teeth knocked out, be sure to keep it clean and if you cannot reinsert it, put it in milk and call our office immediately.
Pain Is A Warning Sign
If you are having dental pain, don’t ignore it. It is a sign there is a problem.
Dental pain can be caused by a variety of issues. It could be an infection or exposed nerve.
In either case, you need to be seen as quickly as possible.
In our office, we see all types of dental emergencies. If you are in pain, the first goal is to get you out pain and feeling better.
The longer you let something go, the more damage that can occur as a result.
When you come into our office with an emergency, we are going to do an exam and take some images.
Some patients ask, “why not just fix the problem?”
The short answer is that your problem may not be centrally located and could be affecting other teeth, bone and gums.
Once we determine the problem, we will discuss with you the next steps to get rid of the problem.
During the treatment, we will focusing on making you as comfortable as possible.
If you have a dental emergency, then call us today for help.
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