Save Your Smile With Dental Implants

The Missing Teeth Epidemic – Dental Implants Are The Solution

More and more people are losing their teeth. This is due to a variety of reasons with the main reasons being decay, gum disease and diet.

People are extremely busy today and many times they just let their oral health go. They don’t take the time to brush, floss and rinse with a good alcohol free mouth wash.

This leads to both decay and gum disease. We know you expect to hear it from the dentist to brush, floss and rinse, but it is very important. You only have one set of teeth and replacing them can be expensive.

Diet and Missing Teeth

In today’s society, we have several diet factors that contribute to tooth loss. The main was is our consumption of sugar.

Sugar feeds the unhealthy bacteria that causes decay and gum disease. Combine that with a poor hygiene schedule at home and you have a recipe for tooth loss.

Another contributing factor is our consumption of energy drinks. These drinks have a lot of acid in them that can break down the enamel of the tooth.

Some of them have huge amounts of sugar in them and the bacteria in your mouth just has a field day feeding on it.

Save Your Smile With Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, then what do you do about it?

In the past, you were stuck with dentures, partials or a bridge. There are so many drawbacks to these we want even go into them all.

The absolute best way to replace your missing teeth is with dental implants. You can replace one or all your teeth with dental implants and restore your smile.

It doesn’t matter the condition of your mouth, we can chart a plan that will restore you smile and give you the fit function of real teeth with dental implants. There are several things you need to know about dental implants and we have a great article here about it.

Dental implants look, feel and function like your natural teeth. They are simply beautiful. Many patients tell us about their increased self-esteem after having dental implants.

Missing teeth can be quiet embarrassing for adults. We smile and laugh when a little kid loses a tooth and then stick $5 under the pillow from the tooth fairy.

For adults this is not the case. We have heard numerous people recount their feelings of embarrassment trying to get a job with their smile less than perfect.

Some even talk about how socially awkward their missing teeth make them feel.

How We Can Help

Rockwell Dentistry has a long history of helping people just like you recover their smile and self-confidence. That’s why were are known as leaders in the area of dental implants because we bring the latest treatment options and technology to our patients to get an amazing and life changing result.

It matters who you get to place dental implants. Not every dentist is trained and has the technology in their office to do them. Most other dental offices have to send you out to a specialist to get implants done. Not at Rockwell Dentistry.

We have the ability to place the implants right in our office and give you the most precise result possible.

If you have missing teeth, then call our office for a consultation. That’s the first step.

Let’s see what is going on with your teeth, gums and bone. From there, we will develop a treatment plan to help you get the smile you deserve and always wanted.

Don’t put it off! It can only get worse. Let’s stop the loss and fill in those gaps and create a new smile.

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