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If you or a family member participate in sports, you’re at risk for dental injuries. The experienced team at Rockwell Dentistry in Middletown and Hamilton, New Jersey, specializes in sports dentistry to help athletes of all skill levels prevent oral injuries and diseases. Athletes of all ages come to Rockwell Dentistry for custom-made mouthguards and a superior level of service and expertise in sports-related dental procedures. To keep your mouth healthy and prevent trauma while playing your favorite sport, call Rockwell Dentistry or request an appointment online today.

Sports Denistry Q & A

What is sports dentistry?

Sports dentistry focuses on preventing and treating dental trauma, injuries, and oral diseases in athletes of all ability levels. Amateur and young athletes face the risk of oral injuries and trauma often because they aren’t aware of how to protect their teeth or even that they need to wear a mouthguard. A custom-made mouthguard from Rockwell Dentistry can provide shock-absorbing protection to prevent losing a tooth or fracturing a bone while you play sports.

Through discussion of your concerns and the type of sport you play, the team at Rockwell Dentistry helps you understand how to protect your teeth, mouth, and face from injury. They focus on not only preserving the aesthetics of your smile, but also on keeping your gums and teeth healthy.

Which sports are most likely to cause mouth injuries?

Children and adults who play contact sports such as football, lacrosse, and ice hockey are at higher risk of mouth injuries than with other sports, especially if you don’t wear a mouthguard. Additionally, sports like baseball and softball increase your risk of getting hit in the mouth by a ball or bat. Many kids and adults don’t wear proper mouthguards or oral appliances while playing sports for recreation or professionally, but could certainly benefit from them.

What types of dental injuries are common for athletes?

The mouth injuries that most often require sports dentistry services include:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Root fractures
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Dislodged teeth in which a tooth is pushed into the socket or sideways

If you chip or crack a tooth, your sports dentistry expert can usually repair the tooth by reattaching the broken piece or by installing a crown. If the root of the tooth suffers damage as well, you may need a root canal.

If you experience a sports-related dental injury, it’s best to contact Rockwell Dentistry as soon as possible so you can receive expert treatment for your dental emergency. The team performs tooth extractions, restorations, and other sports dentistry procedures right in the office, so you receive prompt care and pain relief when you need it.

To learn more about custom mouthguards, oral appliances, and other sports dentistry preventive measure and treatments, call Rockwell Dentistry or schedule an appointment online today.