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The Causes of A Toothache

A Toothache Can Literally Drive You Up The Wall


Even though you may not expect a toothache, it can come without warning at any given time, and there can be many different things that cause it. In order to make the pain stop you will do almost anything, because at times, it can be almost unbearable! You might even wonder why or what caused it to happen, when a toothache first starts.

Cavities, fractures and decay are some of the main causes of toothaches, and even cracks in a tooth. However, since they can be invisible to the naked eye, and even x-rays, cracks can be very hard to diagnose.

Since they can expose your dental nerves and dentin to anything that is put in the mouth, including the air, cracks can give your teeth feel as if they are exploding. Cracks will usually get worse, possibly causing the tooth to break off at the gum line, if they are not repaired in time.

After a crown or dental treatment is finished, later on down the road, another cause of toothaches can be irritation of the pulp, caused by the materials that that were used in the repair the tooth. If this happens to you, all that can really be done is to go back to the dentist and have the new problem repaired, because fillings can come out at times, and crowns can come off.

Getting To The Root of The Problem

A bad toothache can also be caused by an exposed nerve or root.    This exposed root and gums that have receded can be caused by brushing too roughly. Any liquid that you drink, or even the air you breathe can be the trigger for a toothache, if you have an exposed root.

In order to keep this from happening to you, never think that you can get your teeth cleaner by by harshly tearing at your gums. Always brush your teeth with care.

More than likely, you will get toothaches on a regular basis if you use any kind of tobacco products. Chewing tobacco will eat away at the enamel of your teeth, until their is none left, which is a common contributor to tooth pain and toothaches. If you have been chewing for a long time, it will not take much for this to happen. Smoking is bad for your teeth as well, as the smoke eats away at the enamel, and can also trigger toothaches.

There are some things you can do to stop and prevent toothaches and pain, even though toothaches have many different causes. You should have regular dental checkups, and always brush your teeth daily and get a dentist to repair your teeth promptly, if you should experience a toothache.

In the long run this can save you a lot of pain and money by the dentist by the dentist being able to catch a problem early enough to save the tooth.


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