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What To Do If You Have A Broken Tooth

Emergency Dental Care: What To Do If You Have a Broken Tooth

This article provides immediate steps, home care, and treatment options for a broken tooth, along with tips for prevention and long-term care.

What To Do If You Have A Broken Tooth

A broken tooth, also known as dental trauma, can occur due to various reasons such as sports injuries or bad falls. This condition requires immediate care and professional dental treatment, as ignoring it can lead to severe complications. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to take if you have a broken tooth, when to seek emergency dental care, available treatment options, and preventive measures to avoid such dental traumas.

Immediate Steps to Take for a Broken Tooth

If you’ve broken a tooth, the first step is to protect the exposed tooth pulp with temporary filling material. This will help to prevent further damage and infection. You can use ice or a cold cloth applied to the area to relieve pain and swelling. Over-the-counter pain medicine may be helpful, but it should be approved by a doctor. If your doctor prescribes antibiotics, make sure to take them as directed.

Home Care for a Broken Tooth

While awaiting professional treatment, there are several measures you can take at home to manage the situation. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water after meals to keep the area clean. Stick to eating soft foods and avoid foods that might further irritate the broken tooth. Refrain from smoking or using spit tobacco, as these can slow the healing process. If the tooth is loose, be gentle when brushing or flossing. If bleeding occurs, use gauze to control it.

When to Seek Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental care should be sought for severe dental emergencies such as broken or cracked teeth, painful gums, and swollen face or cheeks. Rockwell Dentistry in Middletown, New Jersey provides emergency dental care. It’s crucial not to delay seeking professional help, as doing so can result in further damage and complications. For example, Rockwell Dentistry in Middletown, New Jersey, provides prompt and expert response to dental emergencies. They are trained in all phases of dentistry and emergency procedures and are equipped to address a wide range of dental emergencies.

Treatment Options for a Broken Tooth

Several treatment options are available for a broken tooth, depending on the severity of the damage. These include dental filling or bonding, dental cap or crown, dental veneers, and root canal therapy. The treatment process varies with each option. For instance, dental veneers involve removing a small amount of enamel, making an impression of the tooth, and then placing the veneer with special cement. If the chip or break is large enough to expose the pulp, a root canal therapy may be required. In some cases, a knocked-out permanent tooth can be reimplanted if done within 30 minutes.

Prevention and Long-Term Care

Preventing tooth injuries is the best way to avoid the discomfort and complications associated with a broken tooth. Some preventive measures include avoiding hard foods or ice, practicing good teeth and gum care, wearing a mouth guard when playing sports, and seeing a dentist regularly. Follow-up care is also crucial for treatment and safety, and failing to promptly treat a fractured tooth can lead to long-term consequences. Despite treatment, tooth cracks may continue to grow or split, eventually resulting in tooth loss. However, with prompt treatment and proper care, repaired teeth can last for years without causing any other issues.

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