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Dental Emergencies and Toothaches

If You Have A Dental Emergency, You Need To Call The Office Right Away

Any kind of oral injury, including toothaches should be seen by a dentist immediately, and can be extremely painful, as we all know.

Dental emergencies, day or night, should be seen by a dentist immediately. Teeth which have been forced out of the socket, knocked out, or broken should be included in these emergencies.

When teeth come out of the socket, in the case of some emergencies, the gums, lips or cheeks will have abrasions or cuts on them.

The first thing you should do if you should have a tooth knocked out, is to find it and gently clean any debris or dirt from it when you do. You should then place it back in your mouth between your gums and cheek, once you have thoroughly cleaned it.

If you can make it to the dentist quickly enough, he may be able to restore the tooth back in it’s place, but never try to put in back in the socket yourself, whatever you do.

You can normally reposition a tooth with your fingers, if you have one come out of place, but since you can possibly damage a tooth, you shouldn’t apply a lot of force. Instead of trying to force a tooth back into place, you should simply try to jiggle it around a a bit. To hold a tooth in place until you get to a dentist, you can use a tissue that has been moistened.

The treatment for a fractured tooth will depend on the fracture’s severity. Getting to a dentist as soon as possible is very important, no matter the degree of there fracture…light or heavy.

Normally a dentist can use sandpaper to smooth out a minor or light fracture, so they aren’t that critical. The restoration of a lightly fractured tooth can sometimes be restored with a composite, but in any situation, for the next several days you will need to be very cautious with your tooth.

The enamel, pulp and dentin of a tooth will normally be damaged with a more moderate degree of fracture, and they can be painful, even though they may not be a reason for undue worry at times.

Getting You Back To Normal

Your dentist will normally be able to restore the full function and shape of a fractured tooth, provided there has been no damage to the pulp. However, he may need to do some kind of serious surgery to repair the tooth, such as a root canal, if the tooth pulp has been damaged.

There should be no hesitation to immediately contact a dental professional, whenever a dental emergency is encountered, since stopping any pain, or repairing any problem that may arise is something in which he will always be able to assist you.

You should always have at your disposal the emergency number of a dentist who can be there at any moments notice, when dental emergencies, that could happen at any time, arise.

You will most certainly want to get any severe dental problem repaired immediately, due to the very real possibility of excruciating pain!

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